1st Nine Weeks Assignments

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Interactive Roller Coaster Website

Click HERE to got the interactive website to build a roller coaster.

Bill Nye - Chemical Reactions

PDF Document - Due 10/21 - Students watched the video and answered the questions on the handout.  Video link                                                         can be found HERE

Changes in Matter

PDF Document - Due 10/24 - Students answered the questions using the notes on the left side of the page.

Carbon Snake Demo

PDF Document - Due 10/30 - Students observed a chemical reaction demonstration involving the dehydration of sugar                                                 and worked with a partner to complete the labsheet.

Pumpkin Power

PDF Document - Due 10/31 - Students observed Pumpkin Power demonstration and answered questions from the lab                                                   handout.

Force and Motion Vocabulary Flipbook

Please email for copy - Due 11/12 - Students used their textbook to look up definitions for the terms under the flap.                                                                 Each flap should contain color and a symbol / picture that reminds them of the                                                                   term.  

Understanding Force and Motion

PDF Document - Due 11/14 - Students answered the assessment questions using prior knowledge and the                                                                     provided notes.

Force Tri-fold

Please email for copy -  Due 11/14 - The trifold outlned the differences between balanced, unbalanced, and net force.                                           Assignment included using color and drawing a picture for each to remind the student of the                                             term.

Distance, Direction, and Displacement

PDF Document - Due 11/15 -  Students completed the assignment using notes from their Interactive notebook on                                                           Distance, Direction, and Displacement.  Complete Part 1 only.

Nye Video - Motion

PDF Document - Due 11/20 - Students watched the movie and answered the questions from the handout.  Movie link                                                   can be found HERE.

Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

PDF Document - Due 11/21 - Students answered the questions using their notes and information from Chapter 5.1 in                                                    their textbook.