1st Nine Weeks Assignments

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The following assignments contain any handouts given in class.  Just click on the "PDF Document" to download.  

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Interactive Roller Coaster Website

Click HERE to got the interactive website to build a roller coaster.

Fossil Fuel Map

PDF Document - Due 1/13 - Students created symbols for Coal, Oil, and Natural gas.  Then inserted the symbols into                                                  the correct state. Must use 3 different colors for symbols.

Generating Electricity

PDF Document - Due 1/13 - Students completed the handout using their notes and the provided word bank.

Nye Questions on Energy

PDF Document - Due 1/24 - Students watched the movie and answered the questions from the handout.  The link to                                                    the video can be found HERE.

Forms of Energy

PDF Document - Due 1/28 - Students used the provided notes to fill in the data charts and answer the questions.

Energy Transformations

PDF Document - Due 1/29 - Students cut out the matching cards to complete which energy transforms to another.                                                        Students then labeled each card as "Potential" or "Kinetic" and then identified the type of                                                  Potential or Kinetic energy was represented (ie, chemical, nuclear, radiant, thermal, etc.)

Nye Video - Heat

PDF Document - Due 2/5 - Students watched the video on heat transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation) and                                                  answered the questions from the handout.  Video link can be found HERE.

Energy Project for Science

PDF Document - Due 2/7 - Project counts as a summative grade - please check the rubric for details.

Nye Video - Earth's Crust

PDF Document - Due 2/12 - Students answered the questions as they viewed the video.  

                                              Video link can be found HERE.

Oobleck Recipe

PDF Document. -  Materials needed to make as much Oobleck as you want!  We used this material to model the                                          Asthenosphere.  

Inside Earth

PDF Document - Due 2/19 - Students completed the handout using the provided notes.

Layers of Earth Model

PDF Document - Due 2/20 - Students created a paper model for the layers of the Earth.  Example can be found HERE.

Tectonic Plate Map

PDF Document - Due 2/25 - Students used their book and web resources to label and color the plate map - don't                                                         forget to color the key under the plate numbers as well.  Label the Ring of Fire in RED                                                     marker.  Use colored pencils to color the different plates.